"Advanced Puzzle Design" with Tony Laidig
"Advanced Puzzle Design takes what you learned in 'Make Puzzle Books' to the NEXT LEVEL!"
"Expand Your Puzzle Creation Success Using Advanced Strategies That Used to Only Be Available to High-End Designers and Publishers!"
"Why Settle for Basic Puzzle Design Creation ANYONE Can Copy When You Can Take 
Your Puzzle Creation to the Next Level Using These Professional, Advanced Strategies?!"
Chances are, since you're on this page, that you've begun designing Puzzle Book pages and LOVE it. Whether you participated in the "Make Puzzle Books" class or have been designing Puzzle Books on your own, you're looking for new, exciting ways to up your game! As you would imagine, there are dozens and dozens of ways to create puzzle designs of all types to publish in book form. In "Make Puzzle Books," we walked through the step-by-step strategies to create 15 different types of puzzles...many of which are some of the most popular styles today. But what about creating more complex Puzzle types, like Acrostics, dot-to-dot or Hidden Picture Puzzles?
Advanced Puzzle Design
In the "Advanced Puzzle Design," we continue exploring Puzzle Creation opportunities, step-by-step over the course of 4 brand-new, LIVE training webinars. Please understand that ADVANCED does NOT mean HARD! These are strategies you will be able to easily follow along as they're shared step-by-step! What sets these strategies apart from others we covered in "Make Puzzle Books" is that, in most cases, they require a little more planning or take a bit longer to create. Of course, the extra effort is WORTH IT!

Here is what we will be covering in "Advanced Puzzle Design": 
  • MORE Step-by-Step Demos of more engaging puzzles.
  • Acrostics and how to create them!
  • Dot-to-Dot Puzzles and the Trick to Creating Them.
  • Hidden Picture Puzzles and the best methods for creating them.
  • Photo-Based Puzzles like the "I Spy" and "Can You See What I See" series'.
  • Nonogram Puzzles from nearly ANY image.
  • Designing Puzzles specifically for the Children's Market.
  • And Much More!
Nonograms are one of the fun types of puzzles you'll learn to create...
Praise for Tony's "Make Puzzle Books" Training...
"'Make Puzzle Books' is the third course by Tony Laidig I have taken. Tony is truly an expert instructor. His training style is conversational, detailed and thorough. I give this course a 5 out of 5 star rating!" ~Molly L.
"I have taken numerous courses from Tony over the years, and like always, 'Making Puzzle Books' continues to raise the bar in terms of insight, over-delivery, and encouraging us to be the best that we can be. His humor, attention to detail, and leaving "no stone unturned" is typical of his courses. 'Making Puzzle Books' will ignite your creativity in a way you have never considered possible! As always...a huge THANK YOU, Tony!" ~Liz V.
"I LOVE 'Make Puzzle Books' with Tony. The amount of research skill and time he put into creating the course was evident. It amazes me how Tony can find such incredible resources. 

He shows clearly and exactly how to quickly create a wide variety of fun, unusual and attractive puzzles. Some of these puzzles I had never heard of! There is one particular secret he reveals that I love a lot, but I'm not telling.

Tony also shows how to make covers quickly like a pro (because he is one). He shows how to best format your book easily, clearly and in depth. He also teaches marketing strategies for your books, as well.

Not least, the course is taught in Tony's signature fun style. For the wealth of information and detail, 'Make Puzzle Books' is definitely a bargain at its price." ~Val H.
"'Make Puzzle Books' is another of many well-taught trainings from Tony. With this training anyone can create a variety of Puzzle Books. I highly recommend this training." ~Preston M.
"'Make Puzzle Books' is the latest in a long line of outstanding courses taught by Tony Laidig. He has an uncanny knack for presenting course material in a thorough yet non-overwhelming manner. Plus, I really love his fun and engaging teaching style. I often learn more in the first 10 minutes of a Tony Laidig course than I do after hours and hours of training from the so-called gurus!" ~Susan S.
"Wow, this 'Make Puzzle Books' class is amazing. I have learned so much through the class and got so many resources to use. Thank you Tony for another one of your GREAT teachings. I totally have enjoyed every class."
~Cathy M.
"WOW just wow, Tony ... your training is always SO GOOD. 'Make Puzzle Books' is no exception. 

This course was announced at the perfect moment for me as I was just starting to make puzzle books. Tony's course added to the bare-bones information I possessed by sharing hours of the research he had done, by demonstrating a variety of twists of his years of design, and by providing exposure to software that accelerates the process. 

With just the knowledge from this course, I have saved hours and hours of time doing the same thing on my own. I trust the information he provides and won't need to second guess it. I have taken many courses taught by Tony Laidig since early 2014. He always, always over-delivers on any subject matter. 'Make Puzzle Books' is no different."
~Kelda Y.
"Great training! This is the first course I've taken from Tony but it won't be the last! Lots of good ideas that I'm going to apply to other areas." 
~Donna W.
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